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Meet JCI’s Strategic Partner in New York, KARV Communications

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

JCI Worldwide and New York-based strategic communications firm KARV Communications are marking the success of their ongoing strategic partnership and collaborative offering, which launched in 2015.

Andrew Frank and Seth Jacobson, principals of KARV and JCI, respectively, have known each other for many years and the two teams have worked together on a number of projects, delivering high-level strategic counsel to a growing range of U.S. and international clients. Through their alliance, the firms offer an enhanced array of complementary services–from corporate positioning and litigation support to crisis planning and public affairs issues management.

“Being able to service clients remotely from across the country has been a huge advantage,” notes Andrew Frank, “but we know that being there when the pandemic subsides is also key. Collaborations between our office in New York and JCI’s in Los Angeles has been impactful before and during the pandemic, and we see that continuing as we meet the needs of discerning corporate and non-profit clients.”

From the onset of their partnership, JCI and KARV have successfully leveraged their cross-country geographies and extensive local and global knowledge of the media, business and political landscapes. The deep experience of each team across a multitude of challenging communications situations involving numerous key industries is available to clients across the nation.

The senior leadership of each firm has worked with clients from the healthcare, energy, tech, financial services, gaming, advocacy and non-profit sectors and beyond. The alliance successfully collaborated with Harry Shearer in a high-profile battle for artists’ rights in 2016, provided Continuing Legal Education classes on litigation public relations to more than a dozen law firms, and in 2019, jointly participated in a crisis communications planning and tabletop exercise program for California-based East West Bank.

Seth Jacobson adds, “Our diverse and accomplished teams offer a 360-degree approach to communications consulting and are capable of addressing issues no matter the region or time of day. It’s been a tremendously successful strategic partnership, and we are excited about our future prospects for collaboration in meeting challenging new client assignments.”

In this day and age, it is essential to remain connected and accessible when embarking upon communications and community-building. However, JCI Worldwide and KARV Communications are more than prepared to take on the challenge with our joint capabilities.

Visit the JCI site’s New York Affiliate section to get to know the KARV team!


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