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JCI designs complex strategies to influence organizational, governmental, and community-based programs, projects, and policies. We work to enhance, protect, and defend our clients’ public agendas and reputations via compelling media campaigns. We have a strong track record of developing and amplifying policy positions and priorities. We have designed many political media campaigns, developing vital connections to the Senate, House of Representatives, and local leaders, in order to influence their policy positions and educate the public. 

Accelerating Clean Energy Infastructure

Effectively stimulate discourse between high-profile stakeholders on the buildout of clean energy infrastructure.


Building grassroots support to target anti-PBM legislation.

Building a Resilient Los Angeles

Protecting Los Angeles from fire safety hazards.

Single Use Plastics - Smarter Sustainability

Supporting compromise amid shifts in legislation.

Bayer Berkeley

Creating community support around the benefit of a facility expansion and the creation of the new Cell Culture Technology Center.

Mono Lake Committee

Ensuring the health of a unique ecosystem.

Tax Cut and Jobs Act

Leading diverse stakeholders in opposition to eliminating tax benefits for students.

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