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JCI focuses on finding strategies that deliver results by leveraging our relationships with stakeholders, key opinion leaders and media. We build bridges and design programs that allow clients’ work to be seen and heard. We don’t rely on one platform; we bring all possible communications techniques to engage audiences and leaders across the globe. We use innovative strategies to connect businesses with customers by utilizing the supply chain to deliver positive results.

JCI designs complex strategies to influence organizational, governmental, and community-based programs, projects, and policies. We work to enhance, protect, and defend our clients’ public agendas and reputations via compelling media campaigns. We have a strong track record of developing and amplifying policy positions and priorities. We have designed many political media campaigns, developing vital connections to the Senate, House of Representatives, and local leaders, in order to influence their policy positions and educate the public. 

JCI excels at taking complex issues and communicating them to a variety of audiences in a simple and effective manner. JCI can design, build, and manage successful grassroots coalitions for any project scope, whether local, state, or national advocacy programs. 


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