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JCI designs complex strategies to influence organizational, governmental, and community-based programs, projects, and policies. We work to enhance, protect, and defend our clients’ public agendas and reputations via compelling media campaigns. We have a strong track record of developing and amplifying policy positions and priorities. We have designed many political media campaigns, developing vital connections to the Senate, House of Representatives, and local leaders, in order to influence their policy positions and educate the public. 

Alliance of Catholic Healthcare

Changing the narrative around Catholic healthcare.

Energy Upgrade California

Educating Californians on energy efficiency and conservation.

Gun Control Advocacy

Exposing the failures of gun control legislation.

Inland Empire Technology Center:

Building out advanced green technology and infrastructure in Southern California.

Hispanic Leadership and Business Marketing Advocacy

Supporting and engaging Latino communities in business and financial literacy.

Domestic Fuels Solutions Group

Creating coalitions to decrease reliance on foreign oil and advance alternative fuels.

Energy Upgrade California: Flex Alert

Educating Californians on energy efficiency and conservation.

Energy Upgrade California : Time of Use

Educating Californians on energy efficiency and conservation

Those Who Serve

Integrating social impact entertainment in education and politics.


Promoting health care services for LGBTQ+ seniors.

Regulating Short-Term Rentals

Ensuring the affordability and safety of homes with sensible regulations on the short-term rental industry.

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