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Close Encounters of the Civic Kind!

By Jillian Hegedus and Kayla Butler

Otherworldly encounters occur when one listens to Civic Encounter, a new podcast created and produced by JCI Worldwide. The inaugural episode dives right into the middle of local political happenings in the Golden State - taking a rare, balanced look at issues, trends, and cultural narratives.

"What I think I've been able to do well is give a foundation for how I make decisions in community and more importantly listen to where people are coming from and act from that place," says Los Angeles County Supervisorial Candidate Lindsey Horvath in the inaugural episode of Civic Encounter. This new, bi-weekly podcast invites the listener to go on a journey into the world of politics through one-on-one interviews and innovative storytelling. The hosts, JCI's own Kayla Butler and Jillian Hegedus will guide listeners through a new topic each week with local, state and national leaders and community activists.

JCI is a leader in communications, advocacy, and public affairs. With award-winning campaigns and successful partnerships, the agency has built a reputation for delivering results and driving success. The firm has helped design, build, and manage communications, public relations, and marketing campaigns in addition to advocacy programs and grassroots coalitions for some of the world's largest businesses, governmental organizations, and nonprofits.

"Our work at JCI puts us at the forefront of critical public affairs and political issues every day. We hope that this podcast will enable our listeners to get to know civic leaders and understand how decisions made in Sacramento or Washington D.C. affect their own communities," said Jillian Hegedus.

Civic Encounter's first episode features a discussion between the hosts about the role of a Los Angeles County Supervisor and an interview with former mayor and current West Hollywood City Councilmember, Lindsey Horvarth, who is currently running for LA County's 3rd District. The podcast can be accessed on Spotify and will be updated biweekly with more exciting interviews to come.


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