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Accelerating access to broadband funding.

JCI has been helping VCTI in various capacities on broadband grant awards and opportunities throughout the United States. The goal is to expand broadband access and expedite broadband initiatives by internet service providers by gathering useful data on national funding from programs such as the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment Program (BEAD).

JCI navigated the complexity of individual state broadband offices and their approaches to grant funding. JCI conducted extensive outreach in order to gather mapping information and other context on broadband accomplishments. JCI also worked with data gathered by the VCTI team and assisted in writing grant applications, providing background knowledge of U.S. grant systems and local/state governments for their India-based team. Lastly, JCI conducted outreach in Texas to set up meetings and facilitate connections for the VCTI team.

JCI has collected extensive context on broadband grants for all fifty states, with mapping files and award amounts for reference. VCTI has found new connections and developed its business and its product. Additionally, the JCI team gained a deep understanding of the various broadband office operations and grant management in all fifty states.

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