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Upcoming Ballot Initiatives for 2024

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

By Lindsay Turpin

As the new year unfolds and ballot wins of the previous election are implemented, it’s time to look ahead to the topics up for debate in the next major elections. In California, several initiatives are in the process of securing spots on the 2024 ballot, with some already qualified and others still in preliminary stages.

In 2024, there will be progressive measures that seek to expand affordable housing and increase minimum wage, while other initiatives by fast food and oil companies are aiming to reverse what was passed in 2022, among many other efforts. No matter what the final ballot looks like, these pieces of legislation are insightful for what may be the future of California.

Approved by Governor Newsom and the Legislature for March 2024

Current law requires any development, construction, or acquisition of low-income housing to be approved by the majority of voters in that area. This amendment would repeal that rule in order to increase and expedite public housing projects.

Secured Spots for November 2024 with Signatures

This initiative proposes increasing personal income taxes for early detection/prevention of the spread of infectious diseases.

The amendment would transfer responsibility for wages and working conditions to independent state regulators and increase awards for harmed employees.

This act would raise the minimum wage to $18 an hour in California by 2025, including adjustments for cost of living in the following years.

Pending Signature Verification from the Secretary of State

The measure aims to give California voters more of a say in the raising of taxes, and would also require more transparency on ballots for tax amounts and their uses.

A group of fast-food businesses, under the name “Save Local Restaurants”, has been trying to reverse the recently passed law AB 257 that would raise wages for fast-food workers to $22 an hour. They have collected over one million signatures for the referendum to overturn the law, with the argument that it would increase prices and cause restaurant closures.

Senate Bill 1137 was passed to stop the drilling of oil and gas wells within 3,200 feet of sensitive receptors. The initiative to challenge SB 1137 is being led by the California Independent Petroleum Association. Those arguing against the bill claim it will cause job losses and increase gas prices.

Issued Title and Summary from Attorney General’s Office; Cleared for Circulation

This amendment to the family code would place alimony (spousal support) in the same category as other social welfare programs, in that it would be paid for by the State government.

Submitted for Title and Summary to Attorney General’s Office

This amendment to the California Constitution seeks to ensure that all public school students receive high-quality education, to mitigate stark achievement gaps for Latino and Black students. The initiative is meant to provide a “ladder of opportunity for all children, offering them the skills necessary to participate fully in the economy, our democracy, and our society.”


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