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JCI & KARV's CLE Course Draws Raves from Global Law Firms

CLE Course – Using Strategic Communications to Advance Litigation Strategy Draws Raves from Global Law Firms

By Claire Del Prete

Recently, JCI's Seth Jacobson and KARV's Andrew Frank and Eric Andrus presented a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) course titled, "Using Strategic Communications to Advance Litigation Strategy" at the Greenberg Glusker Law Firm. This valuable CLE course is offered in California and New York and calls upon real-world case studies of legal cases and programs that were impacted by coordinated strategic communications counsel. The course aims to equip attorneys with the communications tools to effectively navigate public opinion, enhance their litigation approach, and understand when and how they can engage outside communications experts to assist their clients’ needs. The team began by identifying several key strategies, such as intelligence and research gathering, establishing influencer coalitions, and anticipating reactive communications. After highlighting these legal communication tools, the presenters did a deeper dive into case studies that demonstrated these key points.

The first case study covered strategic communications on a global scale, supporting a CFIUS application in order to deflect potential community backlash to a foreign investment. Two other case studies discussed proactive media engagement in relation to the #MeToo movement. Another detailed a pre-produced, multi-dimensional PR campaign to augment media exposure; in this case, for ‘Spinal Tap’ actor Harry Shearer who was suing a major film studio over royalties. This program included a creative website that was developed in advance of the legal filings, which allowed the defendants to get an upper hand on the public debate of the issues. Two further studies, one that ultimately was decided at the Supreme Court, examined targeted media outreach in order to influence the court of public opinion and positively present a client’s legal position.

After wrapping up the case studies, the presenters looked to the audience for questions. One question asked how they could apply these communication strategies to their own high-profile clients, while another questioned alternative methods to answering “no comment” in high-profile media situations. In both cases, the JCI/KARV team indicated that a strong proactive approach to media engagement, and developing a clear, consistent line of messaging, would work to address these concerns. At the end of the presentation, the CLE team reinforced the importance of strategic legal communications, especially in the dynamic world of modern media. Overall, it was another engaged and well-received CLE course for KARV and JCI Worldwide Inc.


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