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New Opinion Poll -- Economy, Climate, Housing and Immigration to Dominate 2023

JCI completed its annual year ahead trends poll in late December to answer the question, "What issues do the leading public affairs and public relations leaders around the US believe will dominate in 2023?" Participants were drawn from JCI’s extensive network of leaders in politics, environmentalism, innovation, technology, healthcare, education, and other areas.

The results show that many believe the economy/inflation is one of the most significant issues we currently face, as 50.7% of respondents chose this option. A large number of people are also concerned about climate change and homelessness, which were both selected by around 43% of those who took the survey. Runner-ups include immigration and reducing legislative gridlock (35.2%), followed by abortion rights (26.8%), decreasing gun violence (31%), and healthcare (21.1%).

The poll mirrors much of the national mood, but also captures a growing trend of policy practitioners that indicates the government needs to do more to address common issues that are top of mind to influencers and the general public. Let’s hope that although we enter a new season of legislation with a divided Congress, the most pertinent topics will at least be addressed.


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