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Meet JCI's Newest Associate- Hafsa Jamal

Updated: Mar 5

Hafsa has experience in digital marketing, non-profit work, research, and outreach. She is a senior at UCLA majoring in Communication and minoring in Community Engagement & Social Change (CESC), with a passion for helping others. At JCI, Hafsa plays a role in supporting Account Coordinators by contributing to reporting, media outreach, and digital marketing strategies, all aimed at achieving our clients' goals. She is passionate about immigrant rights, women empowerment, mental health, public affairs and community engagement.

Prior to JCI, Hafsa interned at Chrysalis, a non-profit that assists people who are navigating barriers to the workforce prepare for, find, and keep jobs. There she assisted in communication programs, digital projects, and client services. Additionally, she co-founded a non-profit dedicated to engaging inner-city youth, providing opportunities for positive contributions in areas with significant houseless populations, such as Skid Row, Venice Beach, and Long Beach. Hafsa serves as the ambassador for the CESC minor at UCLA, where she actively engages in both direct and indirect outreach, and public relations. Through her efforts, she has significantly enhanced the minor's social media presence, attracting more individuals to join and contribute to its mission. She also serves as the director of PR at UCLA’s networking club, Bruin Mates. Here she uses her skills in communication, PR, content creation, marketing, outreach, and research, to strengthen the club's community. Currently, she is involved in research with the South Asian Network on empowering women facing violence and strengthening their community programs.

Having lived in Saudi Arabia, Washington.DC, Orlando FL, and Los Angeles, Hafsa has the ability to easily connect and communicate with individuals from various backgrounds and has a deep appreciation and understanding of diverse cultures. Outside of work and school she enjoys exploring new cafes, traveling, watching sunsets on the beach, and spending quality time with her loved ones.


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