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JCI Worldwide is COVID SMART™

Communications firm adopts nation's first COVID-19 safety and prevention program

Los Angeles, Calif. - JCI Worldwide is protecting employees by adopting training protocols on healthy practices and safety precautions during COVID-19. We are proud to be one of the first communications companies with certification by COVID SMART™, a new company working with the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC), the leading association for infection preventionists in the country.

This training comes at a time when businesses are struggling to find their footing, having already seen the results of an underprepared, overly-hasty reopening earlier this year.

We’re thinking long-term with this—the second wave of COVID-19 is underway, and it could be years before an effective vaccine is available.

“We’ve always prioritized employee health and wellbeing,” explains Jillian Hegedus, Director of Client Services. “We transitioned to a fully-digital workplace the minute California announced restrictions in early March. But as more has come to be known about COVID-19, and as we’ve all suffered a touch of cabin fever, we wanted to ensure that the office could also be safely reopened for the handful of employees who wanted to utilize a hybrid model and come in a few days per week.”

COVID SMART™ consists of several online training modules tackling COVID-19 basics, proper sanitation and mask procedures, and best practices for social distancing. Additionally, the program is valid for an entire year to ensure that employees receive the latest updates as scientists learn more about the virus.

JCI first began work with COVID SMART™ in August, focusing on highlighting their work in school districts and other educational facilities in the county. The resulting media coverage included coverage from ABC Phoenix, the Media Mavens podcast, Good Day Orange County, and occupational health and safety magazine EHS Today. Naturally,

“It’s not just about the current moment, though obviously we want to get back to normal quickly and safely. But it’s also about instilling these practices as part of our workplace culture and making sure our team feels secure,” says JCI Principal Seth Jacobson. “We’re thinking long-term with this—the second wave of COVID-19 is underway, and it could be years before an effective vaccine is available, but thanks to COVID SMART™, we’re ready to make it through.”


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