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Celebrating Excellence in Digital Communication: JCI Worldwide's AVA Digital Awards Wins

As the landscape of digital communication evolves, JCI Worldwide remains at the forefront,

garnering recognition for its exceptional achievements. We are thrilled to announce our multiple wins at the prestigious AVA Digital Awards 2024, where our commitment to consulting work and impactful storytelling has been acknowledged.

Platinum Wins:

  • Digital Marketing | Content Marketing | 22. Blog - Writing Our blog stands as a beacon of excellence in the digital realm, offering insightful updates, practical advice, and compelling case studies. From forward-thinking discussions on Chat GPT to statistical reflections on women in the workplace, our blog epitomizes our commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and impactful storytelling.

  • Digital Marketing | Content Marketing | 21. Blog - Single Post "Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month: Embracing Culture without Shame" This compelling narrative by Bella Mendoza showcases the evolving immigrant experiences within her Mexican-American family, emphasizing the transformative power of embracing diversity.

Gold Wins:

  • Digital Marketing | Content Marketing | 33c. Podcast Series Our podcast series, "Civic Encounter," serves as an educational platform where accomplished professionals in public affairs and public relations share valuable insights and advice. Through engaging interviews, we explore industry trends and effective strategies for fostering meaningful change.

  • Web-Based Production | Website | 119. Other | Special Event "Harnessing the Promise of Green Technology – Summit Website" Our targeted community website promoted an exclusive clean energy leadership summit, highlighting innovative technologies and opportunities within the clean energy economy.

  • Digital Marketing | Content Marketing | 30. E-Mail "Special Email Blast to Garner Support for Mono Lake" Through strategic email communication, we have made significant strides in supporting the residents of Los Angeles while protecting Mono Lake, emphasizing our commitment to environmental advocacy.

At JCI Worldwide, we are dedicated to consulting work that drives positive change and meaningful engagement. These awards reflect our unwavering commitment to excellence in digital communication and storytelling, and we are honored to share our successes with you.

Stay tuned as we continue to innovate, inspire, and lead in the digital communication landscape.

Learn more about the AVA Digital Awards Here


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