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U.S. Post-Election Analysis

With the dust continuing to settle on the U.S. elections, it is all but certain that former Vice President Joe Biden will become the 46th president of the United States.

The challenges facing the new president are immense—COVID-19 cases continuing to surge, a contracted economy with rising bankruptcies, unresolved social strife, political fragmentation, and the need to repair key international relationships. Such a range of critical and pressing issues to address will require not only bold leadership, but effective engagement with a (likely) Republican-led Senate as well.

As a strategic communications firm, KARV has looked ahead to provide analysis of potential scenarios, anticipated policy priorities, and key issues as they will evolve over the coming months to help prepare our clients for the next set of challenges:

  • Distrust in election processes and outcomes with the possibility of civil unrest;

  • Domestic policy changes likely to be pursued by the incoming Biden administration;

  • COVID-19: national strategy focus on meeting health and economic needs, including the size and scope of the next relief stimulus bill;

  • Escalating corporate pressures across the U.S. market and how businesses can prepare for and navigate them; and

  • Effective public affairs engagement in times of political transition.

KARV has extensive experience supporting strategic communications efforts in these areas and is available to provide expert counsel and guidance around these unprecedented issues to clients both in the U.S and around the globe.

The full analysis is available here.

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