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Highlighting Indigenous Peoples and Cultures in Honor of Native American Heritage Month

This Native American Heritage Month, we’re celebrating all aspects of Indigenous identity. Whether it be food, clothing, housing, traditions, body art, and spirituality, representations of Indigenous life are diverse and a display of pride.

This month, we thank the Native community for their contributions to American society and celebrate their cultures. With that, we also understand the importance of acknowledging the United States’ immensely flawed history and the ways in which our country has harmed Indigenous communities. We acknowledge that persecution of Native communities still persists today, and that our historical genocides have contributed to the eradication of far too many Indigenous peoples.

At JCI, we are committed to educating ourselves about how America came to be. In doing so, we will also work to uplift the voices of Indigenous people. This month, we would like to use our platform to share the following Indigenous businesses and people:

We would also like to highlight several interviews conducted by the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles:

  • “An Interview with Alan Salazar,” Chumash and Tataviam elder, about his relationship to nature in L.A. Read about his adventures on land and sea here.

  • The “Beyond Gender: Indigenous Perspectives” series. Read the limited series on some of the world's third gender Indigenous people at the links below.

  • The “Indigenous L.A.” interview series for Native American History Month. Listen to Indigenous locals discuss their community at the links below.

JCI acknowledges our presence on Tongva and Tataviam tribal land.


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