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Gun Violence Awareness Day: Remembering Wyland Gomes

Image Courtesy of the Los Angeles Times.

This Gun Violence Awareness Day, we honor all victims of gun violence and support those working to make a difference and save lives.

One of these changemakers is Christy Camara, the mother of Wyland Gomes. Wyland was a friend, a student, a nephew, and a grandchild until his life was tragically taken away from him on March 2nd, 2020, by his father, who was prohibited from purchasing a firearm. Yet, Christy is determined to continue Wyland’s legacy and fight for justice. She is working to implement Wyland’s Law, hoping that no other child will end up like Wyland. She and Joseph Alito filed a lawsuit seeking to force the California Department of Justice to comply with the California Public Records Act and disclose the records that allowed his father to buy the pistol that ended Wyland’s life. Nearly 2 years after the first request, justice has yet to be served yet the team remains optimistic.

If it wasn’t for the despicable action of his father, Wyland would have graduated 8th grade tomorrow.

Christy recently published a memoir titled “Can I Still be Funny After My Son’s Murder?” Christy chose to expose details of her life and speak up about her history of domestic abuse in hopes that it will reach other parents before tragedy unfolds. Christy keeps Wyland’s legacy alive by sharing memories, processing grief, and comforting others in similar situations by showing they are not alone. She hopes to change people’s perspective on tragedy, giving them the ability to see beyond the pain and focus on joy, humor, and love.

"Her book speaks from the heart, albeit broken... It is because of Christy's passion, wisdom, persistence, and her love for her son that lives will be changed." —Julia Weber, Director, National Center on Gun Violence in Relationships.

Read more about Wyland’s story here:


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