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Those Who Serve

Integrating social impact entertainment in education and politics.

Our Challenge: JCI helped the Social Impact Entertainment Society to promote awareness around the film, “Those Who Serve,” and issues of veterans’ mental health. Social impact entertainment is an emerging medium that requires education and
advocacy around its use.
Our Approach: JCI worked to garner congressional support for the film and veterans’ mental health at large. JCI also engaged with media in order to promote the film and concepts of veterans’ mental health to the public.
Our Results: JCI organized an exclusive screening of “Those Who Serve” followed by a panel discussion and Q+A with the filmmaker and one of the veterans featured in the film. The event was at the US Capitol Congressional Auditorium and hosted by California Congressman Jim Costa. JCI is currently working on securing additional media coverage on the film, veterans’ struggles with PTSD, and the potential of
SIE to affect policy.

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