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Tax Cut and Jobs Act

Leading diverse stakeholders in opposition to eliminating tax benefits for students.

Our Challenge: The JCI team was engaged in 11th-hour organization and outreach efforts with a nationwide consortium of nonprofits, think tanks, and student advocacy organizations to oppose changes to the federal tax code that would have eliminated education-related deductions and credits. Making inroads in an ongoing debate without any groundwork in any issue is difficult, and the truncated timeline made the process even more so. Having the flexibility to quickly adapt to the situation and implement a winning strategy was critical in this effort.

Our Approach: JCI focused on rallying support for critical tax benefits that students and universities across the country relied on. Timing was critical, as the legislation was being debated just as educational advocacy efforts were occurring. Key targets included members in both parties in the House of Representatives and the Senate as well as influential state governors and legislators.

Our Results: JCI was able to rapidly develop a conversation among groups of influencers in several states, many of whom were previously underrepresented voices in the policy debate. Among those who mobilized to advocate for changes in the proposal were students, leadership from high-profile educational institutions, and organizational educational interest groups.

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