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Regulating Short-Term Rentals

Ensuring the affordability and safety of homes with sensible regulations on the short-term rental industry.

Our Challenge: The short-term rental industry, primarily AirBnB, has impacted major cities by increasing the cost of housing and diminishing an already-limited housing stock. JCI was retained by national groups to navigate the landscape in Los Angeles and augment organized education efforts. Long-term residents have been pushed out of units so property owners can realize greater income through the short-term rental platform, and the safety and integrity of neighborhoods have thus become compromised.

Our Approach: Our efforts focused on developing broad support for simple and reasonable regulations, including building support among the most impacted communities in cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, and Washington, D.C. We established networks of organizational and community support within business, labor, minority, and housing communities.

Our Results: Working with a broad coalition of neighborhood organizations, non-profits, unions and the hospitality industry, JCI developed a wide base of community support to educate local leaders in Los Angeles and other cities to prioritize the affordability and safety of the rental market for city residents, and to push forward with sensible regulations on the short-term industry.

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