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Making Every Vote Count (MEVC)

Developed a comprehensive media plan to amplify an important message and published study

Our Challenge: Making Every Vote Count (MEVC) is a 501c3 nonprofit, nonpartisan organization educating the public about the need for electoral college reform in the election of the President. MEVC’s goal is to analyze, prepare studies, inform the public, and promote discussion of these concerns; the strengths and weaknesses of the current system; possible reforms (including new ones); and strategies for enacting those reforms.

Our Approach: JCI was brought in to develop a comprehensive media plan to amplify MEVC’s message and published study. Our primary focus has been conducting media outreach for a published report examining five (5) alternatives to our current presidential election system. Our team has targeted top media outlets around the country for media coverage and placement of this report, and other thought leadership pieces from MEVC’s bank of electoral experts. We have also conducted thorough media training with the MEVC executive team to prepare them for comment with journalists. Our team has also revamped MEVC’s social media presence (Instagram and LinkedIn), ensuring that digital audiences are reached, and educated on the pressing electoral issues that our country faces.

Our Results: JCI has secured media placements in several reputable news outlets such as: Yahoo! Finance (National), MarketWatch (National), Townhall (National), Star Tribune (Minnesota), and WRAL News (Raleigh), and more.

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