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Inland Empire Technology Center:

Building out advanced green technology and infrastructure in Southern California.

Our Challenge: JCI has been working with the Inland Empire Technology Center to construct an innovative green tech facility. IETC will include significant buildout of infrastructure to support hydrogen production and fueling, low carbon cement production, diverse materials recycling, solar energy production, onsite energy storage and a micro grid. The energy industry is complex, and requires specific permitting and delicate coordination between government, private businesses, nonprofits and associations and unions.
Our Approach: JCI performed outreach to key stakeholders in green technology, developed engagement strategy for IETC’s communication with elected officials, and conducted extensive market research. JCI is currently compiling grant funding opportunities for the center.
Our Results: JCI has been able to effectively connect IETC with high profile stakeholders in the energy industry at the local, state, and federal level. JCI also refined IETC messaging as a leader in green tech and sustainability. JCI has also compiled various grant funding opportunities.

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