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Hispanic Leadership and Business Marketing Advocacy

Supporting and engaging Latino communities in business and financial literacy.

Our Challenge: With Latinos comprising 26% of the Silicon Valley’s population, with youth under the age of 24 making up 41% of the group, Latinos are a vital and rapidly-growing part of the region. Yet tech sector demographics show that Latinos only make up 5% of the workforce, and companies too often find themselves struggling to diversify.

Our Approach: JCI focused on developing financial literacy programs, engaging communities around financial planning, and promoting new marketing strategies for reaching out and engaging Latino communities. This included planning an intensive workshop which brought community leaders and business executives to jointly discuss their marketing concerns and approaches. The program allowed each sector to pursue deeper relationships and build new avenues for communications with Latino groups and communities all across the country.

Our Results: The program resulted in greater engagement with Latino audiences' key stakeholders, and also built stronger ties and marketing opportunities for engagement with hard-to-reach communities.

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