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Gun Control Advocacy

Exposing the failures of gun control legislation.

Conversations around gun violence in the US are hot button and polarized. JCI positioned a complex and heartbreaking story as a narrative to change the course of litigation in California. JCI supported a bereaved mother and her attorney by inciting public pressure upon the California Department of Justice to respond to a lawsuit and comply with the California Public Records Act around the botched background check that led to the purchase of the murder weapon. This includes highlighting “Wyland’s Law,” which aims to shore up California’s background check system following the tragedy.

JCI worked to identify reporters, provide materials, and work closely with them to ensure powerful messaging around Wyland’s murder and the background check lawsuit. JCI conducted media outreach and connected with key stakeholders around gun control.

JCI secured several high-profile media appearances, including a front-page feature in the Los Angeles Times. The Sacramento Bee released a powerful opinion piece inspired by the LA Times article that called out the DOJ. The LA Times piece generated thousands of online conversations.

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