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Expanding a global cybersecurity company's presence in California

Project Description: Fortinet is a global cybersecurity company that develops and collaborates on security solutions such as firewalls, endpoint security and intrusion detection systems. JCI has been tasked with expanding Fortinet’s presence in California, requiring a comprehensive strategy to engage key institutions in education and government, foster deeper relationships, and help establish a prominent position in Southern and Northern California.

JCI’s Role: JCI strategically assists Fortinet in navigating California's political landscape, identifying entry points in target institutions, and setting up introductory meetings with key policymakers. Their approach involves proactive outreach, cybersecurity trend research, and collaboration with Fortinet's regional teams. JCI shapes messaging, adjusts communication tactics based on real-world dynamics, and guides Fortinet executives through public jurisdiction bureaucracies. The collaboration has resulted in significant progress, including pivotal meetings with influential figures like California State Treasurer Fiona Ma and research on IT team structures for public agencies. JCI's persistent efforts across various sectors have established Fortinet as a cybersecurity leader in California, facilitating continued growth in the dynamic market.

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