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Energy Upgrade California : Time of Use

Educating Californians on energy efficiency and conservation

Our Challenge: Energy Upgrade California’s long-term goal is for Californians to understand the value of better energy use and distributed generation for their homes and businesses. This leads people to take actions that save money. Time-Of-Use (TOU) rate plans move electricity use to “off-peak” times of the day so that more clean energy is available, which helps create a healthier environment, protects our state, and allows people to take advantage of lower prices. TOU plans may vary across the state, but all Californians are encouraged to reduce their electricity use during the peak hours of 4 PM to 9 PM.

Our Approach: Activate community-based organizations to educate critical customer groups about transition waves and how to potentially save money on TOU.

Our Results: JCI successfully increased awareness about how to potentially save money by changing when electricity is used and how much electricity is used. Our team engaged community-based organizations to be influential in their communities and encourage people to move electricity to “off-peak” times

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