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Energy Upgrade California

Educating Californians on energy efficiency and conservation.

Our Challenge: Energy Upgrade California is a statewide initiative whose mission is to ensure that Californian’s have the tools necessary to continue moving towards a healthier and cleaner state through energy efficiency. Flex Alerts are issued when energy demand reaches full capacity, especially when it’s extra hot, we tend to use more electricity to help us stay cool. In an effort to reduce power outages, Flex Alerts are called. Energy Upgrade California’s Flex Alert program works by activating community-based organizations to educate and create awareness about ways to save energy and prevent energy capacity.

Our Approach: JCI successfully activated community-based organizations very quickly while the program was still getting on its feet. Our team needed to educate groups on how to quickly activate the Flex Alerts that were called and struggled with reporting out numbers in a timely manner.

Our Results: JCI strengthened relationships with community- based organizations, educated and created awareness around Flex Alerts and how to save power to prevent one from occurring, and increased the conversation about energy conservation and switching to cleaner energy sources.

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