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Daniel Pearl Foundation

Promoting international peace through the creation of a memorial foundation.

Our Challenge: The Daniel Pearl Foundation was created in the early 2000’s in memory of Wall Street Journalist Daniel Pearl, who was a victim of terrorism and who sought to spread a message of tolerance through his music and writing.

Our Approach: JCI launched a new Foundation and helped create and publicize Daniel Pearl and his legacy through a worldwide event known as Music Day.

Our Results: JCI worked with World famous performers involved in the now annual “Music Day Celebration for Peace ''includingPeace” included Barbra Streisand, Yo-Yo Ma, Herbie Hancock, John Williams, Yefim Bronfman, Salman Ahmad, Itzhak Pearlman, and Sir Elton John. JCI is thrilled to have contributed so much to the event including a Presidential acknowledgement of the program and its efforts, extensive national and international media coverage including; The Today Show, People Magazine and dozens of news outlets around the US and the globe.

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