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Building grassroots support to target anti-PBM legislation.

Our Challenge: JCI was hired in 2019 after anti-PBM legislation started to emerge in the California Legislature Progressive lawmakers. Often influenced by special interests such as independent pharmacists, lawmakers have targeted the regulation of PBMs in a few bills over the past few years.

Our Approach: JCI was tasked with building an organic & diverse grassroots coalition that would understand the important role of PBMs and could influence anti-PBM

Our Results: JCI created a bi-monthly newsletter with information about CVS activities across the country. These were sent out to all California legislators and their staff, as well as local elected officials. Our team also hosted educational meetings and briefings with key organizations. In 2021, the JCI team successfully defeated an anti-PBM bill, SB 524. We secured an important partnership with the California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to collect over 1,000 letters of opposition from individuals, which were sent
directly to Governor Newsom. During a three- year long campaign, JCI has secured earned media pieces, including articles in The Latino Times, The Times of San Diego, and The Stockton Record.

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