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CBD Association

Supporting the CBD and cannabis industries worldwide.

Our Challenge: While sales of products containing hemp- derived cannabidiol (CBD) have been booming in the US, the industry is operating in a quasi-legal state as they wait for the FDA to finish its regulatory framework and for Congress to pass new legislation. To date, there have been only modest efforts to unite industry interests and communicate a consensus to policymakers, a void that a new industry trade group, the CBD Association, aims to fill. JCI is working with CBDA to bring together the disparate elements of growers, processors, suppliers, manufacturers, brand owners, retailers, and other associated businesses and best represent their interests at all levels of government while also promoting their products to consumers.

Our Approach: JCI is blending a mix of a traditional outreach and recruitment methods with an innovative media strategy to expand CBDA membership and position them as an industry authority.

Our Results: CBDA is on a promising trajectory, and is poised to play an instrumental role in the ongoing policy and legislative shifts around hemp and cannabis. With JCI’s continued support, CBDA is set to be the leading industry trade group in the coming years.

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