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Alliance of Catholic Healthcare

Changing the narrative around Catholic healthcare.

Our Challenge: JCI was on a winning team that was selected by the Alliance of Catholic Healthcare to help shift the public debate around faith-based care in California. This controversial project required our team to call upon its deep relationships in communities across the state and influencers within low income, disadvantaged and minority communities and the LGBTQ+ and women's communities, among others.

Our Approach: Using our highly effective advocacy and outreach tools, JCI brought together members of key communities to better understand the important
role Catholic Healthcare providers play in servicing millions of residents in California. Groups that had traditionally been hesitant to engage in the debate were brought into the discussion around the importance of the social determinants of health.

Our Results: JCI created a robust campaign to educate and engage key stakeholders that had concerns and questions about Catholic Healthcare. Over a year, we reached hundreds of groups that were open to better seeing the many benefits that Catholic providers offer communities that are at-risk.

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