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Transgender Day of Visibility: The Fight Against Anti-Trans Legislation Across the U.S.

Updated: Jul 6

By: Kayla Butler

Transgender Day of Visibility has a dual purpose. On one end it is to celebrate the Transgender community and on another end it serves as a reminder of the challenges that the Transgender community faces, including anti-Trans legislation and much more.

The existence of trans people living in public has been met with various anti-trans legislation, with hundreds of bills flooding state and local governments just over the past few months.

As we celebrate Transgender Day of Visibility on March 31st, two trans activists are working to change how trans people and allies approach visibility and the need for change through the use of power building and local action. Writer and activist Raquel Willis and ACLU attorney Chase Strangio are leading the second annual Trans Week of Visibility and Action.

Willis was the former director of communications for Ms. Foundation for Women, executive editor of Out magazine, and national organizer for Transgender Law Center. Chase Strangio is a Staff Attorney with ACLU’s LGBT and AIDS Project and works on impact litigation on behalf of LGBTQ+ people and people living with HIV across the U.S.

Willis and Strangio wanted this year’s Trans Week of Visibility and Action to address anti-trans legislation across the country. Hundreds of bills are currently pending in state legislatures across the country, including in Texas, Alabama, Florida, Arizona, Missouri, Kansas, and South Carolina. The TWoVA website is also a resource for people to get involved and take action this year.

Please read more about the great work that Raquel Willis and Chase Strangio are doing on Them.

As we close out Women’s History Month, we wanted to once again affirm that this month is for all who identify as women. We want to use this platform as a way to provide resources for how to take action against discrimination. One way to be a better ally in the ongoing fight against bigotry is to contact your lawmaker and urge them to vote NO on any anti-LGBTQ+ legislation pending in your state. See this tracker from the ACLU to see what’s happening in your state.

Additional resource:

Bankrate,a consumer financial services company, created a wonderful state-by-state resource for changing gender markers on a driver's license.

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