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We design complex strategies to influence organizational, governmental, community-based, and regulatory programs, projects, and policies. JCI does more than raise public awareness; we also work to enhance, protect, and defend our clients’ public agendas and reputations via compelling media response campaigns, and we have a strong track record of developing and amplifying policy positions and priorities. When the times call for a sweeping or sensitive transition, we can preserve, promote, and protect your organization’s brand equity, and effectively protect you from increased public scrutiny, potential mistrust, and institutional dissonance. With superior media contacts, high level strategic counsel, and knowledge of the communications landscape, we provide our clients with targeted and compelling state and national coalitions, grassroots movements and public engagement.

Public Affairs

Grassroots Advocacy & Coalition Development

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We excel at taking complex issues and communicating them to a variety of audiences in a simple and effective manner. JCI can design, build, and manage successful grassroots coalitions for any project scope, whether local, state, or national campaigns and advocacy programs. Our team has been involved in award-winning campaigns to educate, inform, and motivate target audiences about critical public and private issues. Whether the issue is simple, complex, seemingly-trivial, or highly controversial, JCI is well-versed in rallying support and growing a movement. We unite diverse interests into grassroots coalitions capable of both general outreach to energize the public and targeted messaging to influence decision-makers. Our clients have also found our ability to bring media, public/private partnerships, and opinion leaders on board to be invaluable, whether the task at hand is an ongoing grassroots struggle or a nascent movement. You can view some of our success stories below:


Strategic Communications

JCI offers global communications strategies and compelling PR/marketing campaigns to enhance your brand or message. With a proprietary program of ethnic media relations, community relations, and marketing that includes grassroots outreach, digital communications, and research tools, the JCI team is able to go beyond delivering a message and engage audiences in meaningful dialogue and awareness. Whether you’re a nonprofit, a global brand, or a start-up, JCI’s nationwide network of specialized media partnerships will ensure quick and effective access to key audiences. Additionally, our social media marketing and reach into the influencer market has been instrumental to our success. You can view some of our success stories below:

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