Tim Mangan


Tim is a senior at Pitzer College in Claremont, California planning to graduate in Fall 2022 with degrees in Mathematical Economics and English Literature. Along with his double major, Tim plays for the Pomona-Pitzer Water Polo Team and announces the play-by-play for women’s water polo games on their live streams.

He has professional experience in fields from youth education to sports management. Inspired by a variety of coaches and professors, he strives to always push himself no matter how daunting the task in order to improve himself and others.

At JCI, he supports Energy Upgrade California, CVS, Crown Castle, and others. Over the summer he plans to enhance his writing and analytical skills through the public affairs sphere. With a variety of accounts influencing numerous realms beneficial to the public, he hopes to make some positive change on individual or larger scales. Beyond public affairs and water polo, Timmy likes to write creative stories, play video games, and longboard wherever the wheels take him.