Stephanie Yanez


Stephanie has a variety of professional experience ranging from coalition building, to lobbying, and marketing. At JCI she supports a variety of accounts and assists with research and social media.

Prior to JCI, she worked for her campus career center as a Marketing Assistant. During her time there she developed and directed new media strategies to target recruiters and students. She was also involved with the External Vice President’s office of her campus’s student government where she was in charge of forming relationships with community members and the city of Irvine. She also helped lobby local, state, and federal level representatives.

She graduated from the University of California Irvine in 2021 with Bachelor degrees in Political Science and CLS (Criminology, Law, and Society), with an emphasis in entrepreneurship and innovation. Stephanie interned for The UC Irvine Covid-19 Pandemic Histories Archive Project, The Latino Business Student Association - UCI as their Sponsorship Intern, and The Latino Business Student Association - UCI as their Director of Information Technology.