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Relaunching and supporting an accessible broadband startup.

Our Challenge: JCI assisted Kwikbit in re-launching itself into the broadband wireless market to positon itself as a viable commercial broadband provider in a variety of markets. As a start-up company, Kwikbit needed support defining their market, assessing their competitive advantage, and support creating a viable business model. Kwikbit also needed support positioning itself as a competitive provider in the CA broadband infrastructure grant space.

Our Approach: JCI executed a variety of media relations, brand awarenesss and public affairs efforts for the company. JCI connected Kwikbit’s efforts to the larger digital divide issues, broadband infrastructure efforts and helped leverage the company’s technology strengths in order to help connect the company into current news conversations. JCI also leveraged its relationships in order to help create successful business partnership opportunities.

Our Results: JCI was able to help Kwikbit secure print coverage of various successful installations. JCI also secured dozens of national broadcast media interviews for the company. Through a public affairs campaign, JCI helped the company meeting political influencers to help support the company’s grant efforts.

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