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SAGE (Services & Advocacy for Gay,Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Elders)

A PR campaign and marketing plan outlining the implementation of the cultural competency training program.

Our Challenge: SAGE had developed in association with the LGBT National Center, and they were looking to build a more singular brand. JCI worked to expand brand awareness, distinguishing SAGE as the leading LGBT program for seniors. JCI also built up new constituencies by marketing training programs to health and senior care providers. We conducted detailed opinion and client research to create an “exclusive” brand for skills training under SAGE, as well as creating a PR campaign and marketing plan outlining the implementation of their cultural competency training program.

Our Approach: JCI targeted insurance companies and large senior service entities for LGBT sensitivity training. We developed a seal of recognition program that allowed these institutions to earn certification for their level of cultural competency training: SAGE Insight Professional, SAGE Insight Seal of Recognition, SAGE Insight Silver Certification, SAGE Insight Gold Certification, and SAGE Insight Platinum Certification. JCI also capitalized on survey results to launch a national PR effort around this new training, and had opinion pieces written to educate the public about the program as well as individuals’ journeys within it. As part of this push, JCI created logo, print and web material for SAGE, as well as launch strategies and brand guidelines.

Our Results: JCI successfully marketed SAGE as the main purveyor of LGBT sensitivity training for healthcare and senior care providers.

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