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Changing Behavior around Energy Use

A multi-faceted project that includes a $40 million dollar ad campaign along with a comprehensive grassroots mobilization drive.

Our Challenge: JCI currently works with a multi-agency team tasked with educating citizens about the value and importance of energy efficiency and driving positive behavioral change to optimize the state’s power grid. This is a massive undertaking, encompassing marketing, education, and public outreach components aimed at the entire state’s population, with a particular emphasis on traditional hard-to-reach audiences such as non-English speakers and rural residents.

Our Approach: The JCI team plays a support role in amassing a coalition of community-based organizations, cities, and key stakeholders from communities of colors, residents with disabilities, seniors, and other groups which are subsequently energized to be grassroots messengers in their local communities. In this way, JCI is making an impact with all Californians, including historically-marginalized populations, to build awareness of the importance of energy efficiency to our overall sustainability goals. The program includes a large grant program, workshops, one-on-one engagement with key stakeholders, and earned media.

Our Results: We are supporting a statewide marketing campaign to educate influential groups such as local and state legislative bodies, environmental advocates, and small business groups across the state using grassroots outreach and coalition-building within targeted state legislative districts.

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