Building a Resilient Los Angeles

To change Los Angeles City building codes to improve the fire safety of the community and the city. The task required lobbying on the local level, development of a coalition to support the effort, earned media to support the cause, and powerful allies to help navigate the Los Angeles City Council.

Our Challenge: JCI is currently working collaboratively with a coalition of community groups, faith and business leaders to support initiatives by local city council members to update the City of Los Angeles’ building code to prioritize the use of non-combustible materials in new low- to mid-rise structures.

Our Approach: The task requires educating key stakeholders on the local level, building a coalition to support the effort, securing earned media to support the cause, and engaging allies to help support the Los Angeles City Council as they debate this issue. Working under the direction of the national organization we are employing a multi-pronged strategy: a broad-based coalition of supporters in Los Angeles; developing and using data, studies, real-world examples and earned media to help raise awareness of the City Council’s planned efforts.

Our Results: JCI has formed a diverse coalition of union, diverse faith-based organizations, minority and housing groups, and a variety of other key organizations, to help support the City Council as they move forward on their initiatives about a safer Los Angeles. We are also utilizing cost data studies, surveys, and statistics from the annual California fire season to bolster our effort on the importance of the motion.

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