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    Changing Behavior around Energy Use

    JCI leads a multi-agency team charged with educating all 40 million Californians about issues facing the efficiency of the state’s energy system. This is a multi-faceted project that includes a $40 million dollar ad campaign along with a comprehensive grassroots mobilization drive.

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    SAGE (Services & Advocacy for Gay,Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Elders)

    Created a PR campaign and marketing plan outlining the implementation of the cultural competency training program.

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    Building a Resilient Los Angeles

    To change Los Angeles City building codes to improve the fire safety of the community and the city. The task required lobbying on the local level, development of a coalition to support the effort, earned media to support the cause, and powerful allies to help navigate the Los Angeles City Council.

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    Ferrari-Maserati North America

    JCI was instrumental in helping Ferrari reintroduce the Maserati brand to the US after a decade-long
    absence. The successful communications effort tied the brand to its Hollywood roots, with extensive national promotions and PR as well as capitalizing on strategic product placement.

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    Regulating Short-Term Rentals

    The short-term rental industry, primarily AirBnB, has impacted major cities by increasing the cost of housing and diminishing an already-limited housing stock. Our efforts focused on developing broad support for simple and reasonable regulation, including building support among the most impacted communities.

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    Single Use Plastics - Smarter Sustainability

    JCI worked to develop a coalition and advocacy program to assist the bottled water industry implement and support a broad compromise that was being proposed by several legislative leaders.

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    Hispanic Leadership and Business Marketing Advocacy

    Working with leading innovators in Silicon Valley, JCI spearheaded a joint community-business engagement program that brought together major Latino organizations across the U.S. to discuss outreach and marketing opportunities in the financial and technology sectors.

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    Daniel Pearl Foundation

    JCI contributed to the expansion of the Daniel Pearl Foundation with the planning of a special event, which highlights the importance of P2P communication with high-profile musicians, media outlets, and charitable organizations.

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    Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017

    The JCI team was extensively engaged in 11th-hour organization and outreach efforts with a nationwide consortium of nonprofits, think tanks, and student advocacy organizations to oppose changes to the federal tax code that would have eliminated education-related deductions and credits. The team was focused on rallying support for critical tax benefits that students and universities all across the country relied on.

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    Citi Influencer Marketing - Brand Awarenes

    JCI assisted Citi to build awareness and connect with leading influencers in the Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Bay Area. Highlighted their mobile challenge hack-a-thon winners and garnering media attention as innovators in banking technology.

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    Endeavor/MTV Movie Awards

    JCI worked with leading talent agency, Endeavor, to create an appreciation party for their top celebrity clientele after the MTV Movie Awards. The celebrity-hosted event took place at the exclusive Hollywood hot-spot, Dolce.

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    CBD Association

    JCI is blending a mix of a traditional outreach and recruitment methods with an innovative media strategy to expand CBDA membership and position them as an industry authority. CBDA is set to be the leading industry trade group in the coming years.

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    Domestic Fuels Solutions Group

    CI formed a diverse coalition of advocacy groups and organizations to support the use of alternative fuels in the U.S. energy industry.

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